Champs Guidelines

  • C- Conversation

    Talking in the library should be at a Level 0

    (NO TALKING)unless given permission to talk. If given permission to talk, noise should be a Level 1 (whisper).


    H- Help

    If you need help in the library, please ask the librarian using a Level 1 voice.


    A- Activity

    When you come to the library, you should quietly select a book to check out and sit down to read. Other activities will be at the direction of the librarian.


    M- Movement

    You should only be moving around the library when given permission by the librarian to check out materials or given instructions for an activity. Please only go in the areas where you are allowed.


    P- Participation

    In the library, you should enter quietly and wait for instructions from the librarian. When it is time to select a book, you should quietly do so and sit down to read. If allowed to do an activity, you should follow the librarian’s instructions.


    S- Success

    Use the guide above to help you have a great experience in the library!